Perawatan Lansia oleh Masyarakat melalui Home Care Lansia BKKKS Jawa Timur

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Journal article Paradigma: Jurnal Online Mahasiswa S1 Sosiologi UNESA • 2013 Indonesia

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BKKKS Elderly Home Care of East Java is a elderly care home and community-based. On the basis ofthis research is trying to determine the shape Elderly Home Care services and know the meaning offamily for the elderly built. This study uses a qualitative method with a phenomenological approach basedon the experience of the elderly for socializing with family and society. Study site is located in the villageTenggilis Mejoyo, Surabaya. The elderly study subjects were aged +60 years old, senile and can not bereasoned with. This study uses the theory of functions of AGIL (Adaptation, Goal Attainment,Integration, and Latency) to analyze family function. For the elderly, an important family function,namely economic needs, maintenance and affection. Making changes to adapt to the health of the elderlyrely on family needs. When these functions need not be obtained from the family, the elderly adapt tomeet the needs of people outside the family members and neighbors companion (society). Finally GoalAttainment function of the system is reached ie the requirement for families and elderly seniors remainselingkungan with family. Latency is a function of the cultural value of family gift giving care to a familymember. While the integration of functions such as maintenance of government assistance in the form ofHome Care Elderly care and social control of neighbors that the elderly should stay close to his family.




Paradigma: Jurnal Online Mahasiswa S1 Sosiologi UNESA

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