Peran Paguyuban dalam Resolusi Konflik(studi Kasus Relokasi Pedagang Kaki Lima di Sentra Pkl Taman Prestasi)

Dony Putranto

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Population concentrations caused by migration, making competition work in the city of Surabaya to become high. Most of those who were eliminated will plunge to the informal jobs, such as street vendors, who often crowded the streets are public. It makes the access road is interrupted so that government control of the city and perform the relocation. The flourishing of the inspection were often culminate with a physical conflict, making traders unite in one umbrella which assosiation of street vendor. Set in the Sentra PKL Taman Prestasi, researchers using theory of safety valve Lewis A. Coser, Jurgen Habermas's theory of the public sphere, as well as qualitative methods with the phenomenology of Alfred Schutz's approach to uncover the role of assosiation of street vendor in conflict resolution. There are three important role from this assosiation of street vendor. First as a safety valve in the event of relocation. Second, as a mediator in resolving conflicts that is internal in the center of the street vendors, and thirdly, as a public sphere, like the consensus agreement and the utilization of the mass media to supervise the policies issued by the Government. In addition to the emergence of the solidarity of the group backed by the assosiation of street vendor that occurred while straightening up.




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