Penerapan Model Pembelajaran Inkuiri untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa pada Mata Pelajaran IPA Kelas Ivsd Karya Putra Surabaya

Sunarti Sunarti

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Learning science should be directed to foster scientific thinking, working, and being scientific and communicate as an important aspect of life skills. Therefore, learning science in elementary emphasizes providing direct learning experience through the use and development of science process skills and attitudes. But the fact in science learning, especially school work Surabaya fourth grade son, still not fully implemented in accordance with the nature of learning science, teacher explains the material with only a lecture and course assignments so that students could not understand the material presented by the teacher. This study aimed to describe the activities and results of the fourth grade students work through the implementation of the Son of Surabaya inquiry learning model. The subjects were all students in the fourth grade SD Karya Putra Surabaya. This type of research is action research class consisting of 2 cycles. Each cycle is carried out through four phases: planning, implementation, observation and reflection. Data were obtained through observation, tests and questionnaires. Data analyzed observations of student activity in the form of a percentage. Student achievement test data were analyzed based on the percentage of mastery learning individually and classical. Response data were analyzed in terms of percentage of students later described descriptively. The results showed activity in the learning process by using inquiry learning has increased by 27%, in the first cycle of student activity averaged 2.47 or 62% and in the second cycle of student activity an average of 3.56 or 89%. Student learning outcomes also increased by 40.77% with 46.87% in the first cycle and 87.5% in the second cycle. As for the students' response to the application of inquiry learning model in science subjects in class IV SD Son Surabaya work very well, it appears that students expressed a positive response to learning that have been implemented. It can be concluded that the application of inquiry learning model can enhance the activity and student learning outcomes SD Karya Putra fourth grade Surabaya.




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