Pola Sosialisasi Pendidikan Karakter

Yuli Surya Dewi

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


  Parents have a role and responsibility as the primary caregiver for the children as well as educators. However, social reality is a lot happening right now is a lot of parents who delegate it to others for various reasons, one of which is the reason for the job. This study aims to determine the value of character education socialization patterns made ​​by caregivers of children whose both parents work outside the city. This study used qualitative methods to approach the genetic structuralism Pierre Bourdieu's theory. The research was conducted in the village of Jombok, district. Sumberrejo, Kab. Bojonegoro. The subjects were selected using purposive sampling technique. Data collection by observation and in-depth interviews. Techniques of data analysis begins by examining the data, then performed the data reduction and the last is the presentation of data. The results showed that the patterns of socialization dominance by the method applied in the conditioning and punishment against children. Types of capital owned and used the caregiver in the process of socialization is the cultural capital and social capital. Arena as a place of socialization is the family environment. Socialization practices done to get children to take positive action and impose penalties when children make mistakes. Keywords: Socialization, Character Education, and Children




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