Pemanfaatan Limbah Plastik pada Pembelajaran Seni Budaya Siswa Kelas XII IPA 2 di Sman 03 Bangkalan

Arrya Afendiyanto
Journal article Jurnal Seni Rupa • 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


The use of appropriate teaching materials is the solution increasing activity and studentsrsquo; interest in the implementation of teaching and learning. Increased activity and studentsrsquo; interest are expected to affect the improvement of student achievement, and positive effects to the school, especially students. The reason for choosing the school as a place of study is based on: 1) awards earned SMAN 03 Bangkalan as Adiwiyata Schools are schools that uphold the principles and values of the environment, 2) plastic waste material has good potential as well as a classic problem that a serious threat to viability and environmental sustainability in all areas including school environment. The purpose of this study to: 1) identifies and describes the steps by students in learning art and culture through the use of plastic waste. 2) Identifies and describes the form of the work that can be produced by students in learning art and culture through the use of plastic waste. 3) Knowing the value obtained by the students in the study of art and culture by utilizing plastic waste. This research is descriptive qualitative with data collection through literature study, observation, interviews and documentation then analyzed by grouping the results, description or analyze the data, presentation and conclusions. At the first meeting, the researcher provides introductory material on waste recycling. Then at the second meeting of researchers provides materials on examples of work and how to recycle waste, in which the first and second instruction tasks assigned to create different shapes. Forms of student-generated work are varied and can show interesting and good works, such as fast, flowers, lampion, cap lamp, a jar resemble cartoon characters and miniature vehicles. So it can be concluded that from as many as 38 students, there were 30 students has increased, as many as four students has decreased and as many as four students did not change. Keywords: Waste Plastics, Arts Cultural, Crafts, Learning.




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