Der Sprachstil Auf Der Onlineshop

Dinda Putri R.
Journal article Laterne • 2013 Germany

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


Language style is a way of using language. Various style usually appears in oneadvertisement. is an online shop in Germany. Gambio sellssoftware for online shop. There are so many online shops that use software fromGambio. On the reference page of Gambio there are many descriptions of the onlineshop. These descriptions are advertising on their online shop. In one advertisement,there are more than one style. Therefore carried out research about the Gambio'slanguage style.Problems in this study is "What type of style that is used on the online" And "what type of language style of the most widely used on theonline shop" This study has two purposes, namely, "to mention thetypes of language style used on the online shop" and "to mentionthe type of language style most widely used on the online shop"Qualitative descriptive methods used in this study. Five descriptions of the onlineshop on a reference page of Gambio is the datas research. The analysis of this studyused the theory of the types of language style Gorys Keraf and Joachim Schmid. Inthis study discovered a lot of style, such as hyperbole, metaphor, metominia,Fremdwort, Neologismus and others. Language style is the most widely usedhyperbole and Fremdwort. The advertisements are very varied. But there is a typo inthe two online shop, and The author should be morecareful in the next advertisement.





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