Perbandingan Analisis Diskriminan dan Regresi Logistik (Studi Kasus Klasifikasi Konsumen Berdasarkan Tempat Berbelanja di Wilayah Taman-sidoarjo)

Maulidya Maulidya
Journal article MATHunesa • January 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Shopping is an activity that done by the society to fulfill their necessary of life. Market is one of the shopping place. Market divided in two kinds are: traditional and modern market. The consumers can determine their selves to bought in many shopping places. They also choose modern market or traditional market , depending on the needs and purchasing power . The last few years , especially region Taman in Sidoarjo area,nbsp; many people built shopping center and minimarkets thatnbsp; threaten the existence of the traditional market. Now, many people move modern market as shoppinh place. Group of on consumers becames the important being to know the composition based on their habits in daily shopping . The purpose of classification aggomerate the objects of research based on variables are referred to as independent variables. Thenbsp; study used two methods discriminant analysis and logistic regressions. The result of study showed that the variables that significanly affect the grouping consumers based on place where the shop using discriminant analysis method is variable promotion. Mean while, if using logistic regression the impact for education variable and promotion variable. discriminant analysis and logistic regression are two methods that using object of classification method. The two methods can be comparing based onnbsp; accuracy of agglomerate. The result of comparison these methods shows that the classification accuracy of the logistic regression analysis was higher, 88.0 percent for learning data, 80.0 percent for testing data, compared with discriminant analysis only amounted to 86.7 percent for the learning data and 76 , 0 percent for testing data. Keywords: Market, Discriminant analysis, Logistic regression





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