Kekerasan Guru terhadap Siswa (Studi Fenomenologi Tentang Bentuk Kekerasan Guru dan Legitimasi Penggunaannya)

Muhammad Ilham

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 4 pages)


Teacher and students are two things who can not be separated if we discuss about the school on the education. Something the relationship between teacher and student are harmony, but not seldomly is uncontradictive. The teacher often treat students harshly or commit violence to them. The teacher deny that they did it to enforce discipline for students in the school. This observation aims to determine how the forms violence committed teacher to students and as legitimized on the kec. Menganti kab. Gresik in Junior High School of Sunan Giri is fenomology Alferd Schutz approach. Techniques while the data collection techniques used were observation and interview. Keyword : Violence, Legitimation, Teacher.




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