Konflik dan Pola Defiance Warga Perwira di Komplek Militer

Defi Arini R.

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


  The Military housing complex there are people who have a different hierarchy of power that affect the status and role of the impact on the pattern of defiance and conflict. Especially residents officer (top class) which proved defiance frequent patterns that can lead to conflict, it can be seen from the level of citizen participation and social concern in the implementation of development in the Military Complex. This study aimed to describe the pattern of defiance and conflict that occurred in military housing complex, resulting in the manager role and status of RW and RT only as a symbol. The theory used is conflict stratification structuralist theory Randall Collins. This research is a qualitative descriptive approach Huserl Edmund Phenomenology. The results explain that there are 3 categories of patterns is through verbal defiance, apathy, and symbolic domination proved by informants. Researchers received data in the form of evidence of conflict and defiance pattern occurs, it can be seen that the most frequently performed by residents officer is apathy. Most of the people most committed officers defiance pattern with silence, indifferent, apathetic, indifferent and did not have an interest or concern to the development of the existing situation of the surrounding environment. The conflict that arises then is the role and status of the conflict experienced by the local responsible parties. This resulted in the RT local rules can not work well. Keywords: conflict, defiance, rank.  




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