Pengelompokkan Kabupaten/kota Berdasarkan Faktor-faktor yang Mempengaruhi Gizi Buruk di Jawa Timur dengan Menggunakan Metode Ward's

Chorina Sagita Cahyani
Journal article MATHunesa • January 2014 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


The hardest difficulty had been concerned by poor people is food needs which quality and quantity enough for relative members. At growth and development phase, toddler is the most important phase in human growth and development phases. Therefore, food becomes the main factor of malnutrition problems that will effect for children. In other hand, another factors such as parental education, income, parenting, health care, and environmental factors also give effect. Cluster analysis is one of multivariate methods. The purpose of this research to agglomerate area/city based on malnutrition factors effect in East Java by using Wardrsquo;s method. Research data which has taken from BPS 2011. Previously, the multicolinearity between two or more independent variables must be vanish at first by using Principal Component Analysis (PCA). Then, the result of PCA is going to be use as new independent variables to process into cluster analysis. Cluster analysis obtained 3 groups which is the first group consist 13 areas/cities, the second group consist 17 areas/cities, and the thitd group consist 8 areas/cities. Water of source and using toilet facility are the most effect variables from the first group. Defecation place except septitank is the most effect variable from the second group. Type of wall, the distance of water of source less than 10 meters from defecation, and using toilet facility do not use by own are the most effect variables from the third group. By this research the local government should be more thorough to improve the nutritional with more attention indirect factors. Keywords: Malnutritition, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Cluster Analysis





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