Konstruksi Sosial Pengunjung Wisata Lumpur Panas Lapindo

Dony Restanto

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 4 pages)


Tour of hot Lapindo mud in Porong Sub distric currently has become a social phenomenon unique in the midst of society, and the uniqueness it has invited many people to visit there. Visitors who come to tour has a different social construction. This study attempts to describe the social construction of visitors who come to tour hot Lapindo mud. This research uses qualitative approach method of Phenomenology of Berger, the result is a social construction that appears different between visitors from Sidoarjo and visitors from outside Sidoarjo. This difference arises because of the emotional attachment on the ancestral lands of the original visitors a stronger Sidoarjo, at once used as their place to earn a living, while visitors from outside of the Sidoarjo just regard it as a unique tourist attractions. Key Words: Lapindo mud tours, Visitors, Social construction.




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