Dramaturgi Pengemis Lanjut Usia di Surabaya

Lis Himmatul Holisoh

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Failure of development that occurs in the countryside led to migration in urban areas, one of which is the city of Surabaya. Increasing the number of migrations to cause poverty Surabaya city set aside a low education group, so jump in informal jobs such as elderly beggar. Seniors must master the next stage as a beggar in order to attract public sympathy. This study uses the theory of Erving Goffman Dramaturgy, self-concept and symbolic interactionism George Herbert Mead. The method used was a qualitative research approach of George Herbert Mead's symbolic interactionism to uncover beggars use symbols that are used to interact with the community. Elderly beggar in this study is able to play its role nicely in front of the stage by mastering facial expressions and vocal and equipment brought when begging. Completion of stage drama in the back by way of covering the real life as well as cover some pleasure beggars. Elderly beggars using hand or second-hand container of mineral water glass as a symbol that inform the public. Elderly beggars also interpret his behavior as honest labor.




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