Perangkat Pembelajaran IPA Terpadu Tipe Webbed Pada Tema Pengolahan Minyak Kelapa Untuk Siswa SMP Kelas VIII

Resty Rahmatika
Journal article Pensa: Jurnal Pendidikan Sains • 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


The aims of this study is to describe the feasibility of learning packages The Integrated Science webbed type. The theme of this learning packages is processing coconut oil. This is for Junior High School grade VIII. Feasibility which viewed from the aspect of concept thruth, conformity lesson plan with the webbed rules, readability student book and worksheet, implementation of lesson plan, student learning outcomes, and student response. This study is refer to the 4D models until develop stage. In the define stage, known that MTsN 2 Kediri use KTSP curriculum, but in its implementation, sience subject not taught in a integrated manner yet. In the design stage, draft I was produced. Draft I is a desain of the Integrated Science learning package. In the develop stage, there are suggestions which correcting this draft become better (draft II). And the next step is validating Draf II by two lectures and three science teachers from MTsN 2 Kediri. And then, this learning package is tested on 12 students in grade VIII MTsN 2 Kediri. The results of the lectures and science teachers validation of learning device which consist of syllabus, lesson plans, student books, worksheets and evaluation sheets, serially, are getting scores 3,34; 3,40; 3,46; 3,32, and 3,23 with maximum value 4,00. The average percentage student book and worksheet readability is 81,94%, the average percentage of legibility are 91% and 90.6%. Implementation of lesson plan in meeting I is 80,25%, meeting II: 85,75% and meeting III: 86,25%. Student learning outcomes can identificate from the indicators of student achievement of cognitive products, processes, affective, and psychomotor, serially, get a percentage 74,58%, 79,61%, 86,34%, and 78,35%. Positive response of  student is 92,78%. According to the validation result, readability student book and worksheet, student learning result of achievement indicators and student responses above, can be interpreted that this learning packages is highly feasible. Keywords: feasibility, Sience Integrated learning, Four-D models, Processing coconut oil.




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