Praktik Sosial Nyethe Pengunjung Warung Kopi di Tulungagung

Siti Zurngatul K.

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


Nyethe is part of the coffee culture in Tulungagung that give greds of coffee (cethe) on cigarettes. Nyethe has become a habit Tulungagung society, especially coffee’s and cigarette’s lovers. They do nyethe activity in a coffee shop. Visitor of coffe shop are also unlimited from specifik society but all society can visit to coffe shop.This research aims to determine how social practices of nyethe visitors of coffe shop in Tulungagung. To answer the above problems, the theory used is genetic structuralist theory by Pierre Bourdieou. Genetic structuralist theory synergizing between habitus, arena and capital until resulting of social practice. This research uses descriptive qualitative method with approach genetic structuralist. The results explain that habitus of nyethe the visitors of coffee shop formed from the socialization process milieu. Arena and social space to actualize habitus of nyethe are two coffee shops that have different characters that coffee taste and servants. Capital that most affect the continuity social practices of nyethe is economic capital, cultural capital, and social capital. Synergizing between habitus of nyethe, arena and capitals are resulting social practices of nyethe. Real form of social practice of nyethe divided into 3 categories: a means to strengthen social relationships, means of refreshing and mode of drug abuse.




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