Siklus Ekonomi Model Goodwin Berdasarkan Relasi Workers Share dan Employment Rate di Indonesia

Afifatur Raidah
Journal article MATHunesa • 2014 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


One of the economic models which predictthe economic cycle is Goodwin's Class Strunggle Model or known as Goodwin models, where the model is trying to present an economic cycle based on relation between workers share and employment rate. This paper will discuss about Goodwin model consisting of two variables: workers share and employment rate that are applied to the data of Indonesian economic taken from BPS. In constructing of the model, two aspects of economic theory, that are growth model theory of Harrod Domar and Phillips Curve, are combined. Analysis of dynamic such as determination of the critical points, the stability of the critical points, and the simulation of solutions Goodwin model is done numericallyas well as their interpretation economically. Key words : GoodwinModel, Growth Model of Harrod Domar, Phillips Curve Model.





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