Penerapan Metode Eksperimen untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa Kelas V Sdn Manukan Kulon Surabaya

Sudarmadji Sudarmadji

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One of subject taught in SD is science. Science in concepts always relate to real fact. IPA also non science which only can be obtained seenly and just read. everyday Experienced symptom that happened can be learned with process of invention which can be done with through perception. target of this research is to describe of teacher activity, activity of student and result of learning student in applying of method of experiment to increase result of learning student class V SDN Manukan Kulon. This research used Classroom Action Research (CAR), what is done [by] the two of cycle. Each;Every cycle executed by during 2 meeting. the Cycle second consisted of by the planning phase, execution, and reflexion perception. Technique of data collecting in this research use observation technique, tes field note and. Data gathered to be analysed by using descriptive technique qualitative and quantitative. Result of research indicate that percentage of activity of teacher experience of improvement equal to 18% that is 68,8% cycle of I and 86,8% cycle of II of Percentage of activity of student also experience of improvement equal to 11,5%, that is 70,5% cycle of I and 82% cycle II. Meanwhile, complete to learn student by applying method of experiment also experience of improvement equal to 15,6%, that is 71,9% cycle of I and 87,5% cycle II. Percentage of Enquette of respon of student as a whole show good result that is equal to 91%. that applying of method of experiment can improve learn result student of class of V SDN Manukan Kulon.




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