Eksploitasi Tubuh Sales Promotion Girl (Spg) Rokok

Nicke Virawati S.

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


Generally, men were in the public sector with masculine trait. While women were often placed in the domestic sector with feminist trait. Because of that, the women were not free to work in the public sector. However, some public sectors gave chances to work, special for the women. Sales Promotion Girl (SPG) of cigarette was chosen by several women because it did not need much more energy to work. Attractive appearance was the main criteria for this job. This research aims to understand how the form of exploitation of the body of experienced by them. This study use theory of gender, theory of exploitation by Marx, and theory dicipline by Michel Foucault. Descriptive qualitative phenomenology by Berger use in this study. The results showed that the women prefer to work as Sales Promotion Girl (SPG) because of the high income.




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