Praktik Sosial Pluralisme Agama Di Universitas Negeri Surabaya

Yunita Laila R.

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Religious pluralism is a broad concept meaningful, related to the acceptance of different religions and used in different ways. Problems of religious pluralism becomes a serious matter as it affects inter-religious harmony. Within the scope of the university, the practice of religious pluralism is reflected from the interaction that exists between UKM spirituality of every religious group there. This study uses qualitative research methods with a phenomenological approach Peter L. Berger. The focus of this research study on the practice of social pluralism in religion among UKM spiritual activist. The findings of the data were then processed using the theory of religious pluralism Fritjof Schuon which carries the idea of a transcendent unity of religions and by using Pierre Bourdieu's theory of practice as a product of the relation habituation as a product of history, and domains. Research results indicate that there is religious diversity in Surabaya State University does not foster conflict and hostility. Some associative process is shown in the form of co-operation between UKM activists of Hindu spirituality, Protestants and Catholics in the UKM environment secretariat. Instead of understanding the goals of pluralism and pluralism is not running a maximum of UKM Islamic spirituality.




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