Pengembangan Lks Eksperimen IPA Terpadu Berorientasi Pembelajaran Inkuiri Pada Materi Asam, Basa, Dan Garam Untuk Siswa SMP

Suci Lestari, Novi Suci
Journal article Pensa: Jurnal Pendidikan Sains • 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


This study aims to describe the development of integrated science experiment worksheet based on inquiry learning to the acid, base, and salt material and to know science processes skill of the students. This study refers to the 4-D models until develop stage. At define stage, its obtained that SMP N 1 Sumberrejo is using KTSP but has not been teaching science integratedly, student of class VII aged 12-13 have reached formal operation development level. The result of design stage is first draft which is the preliminary designof integrated science experiment worksheet. Development stage suggestion for improvement worksheet obtained from draf 1 to draf 2. Furthermore, worksheet is tested on 32 students of class VII SMP N 1 Sumberrejo and validated by two FMIPA lectures and a science teacher of SMP N1 Sumberrejo. The result of validation are consist of the appropriation inquiry model to the worksheet 1 86,67%, worksheet 2 85,83% and worksheet 3 8,67% by very decent criteria. Appropriation of the content of worksheet 1 is 88,57%, worksheet 2 87,62% and worksheet 3 88.57% by very decent criteria. Appropriation of the presentation of worksheet 1 is 80,83%, worksheet 2 80,83% and worksheet 3 80,83% by very decent criteria. Appropriation of the language of worksheet 1 is 83,33%, worksheet 2 83,33%, and worksheet 3 83,33% by very decent criteria. increasing in science processes skill is obtained of worksheet  1  75,59%, worksheet 2 81,54%, and worksheet 3 91,07%. Mastery in learning of processes skill individually in a class is obtained 80% which is accompanied by cognitive product obtained by 92%. Positive respons from studens is that is in Appropriation content criteria obtained 99,33%, presentations 99%, linguistic 100%, students legibility 96,67%, and inquiry model 100%. From the result of validation, cognitive process assessment, cognitive product assessment, students and teachers response, can be interpreted that integrated science experiment worksheet based on inquiry orientation to the acid, base, and salt material are very appropriate to be used. Keywords: Feasibility experiment worksheet, integrated science, inquiry learning, acid-base and salt material




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