Strukturasi Kecurangan Kenaikan Pangkat di Sekolah

Sulis Tiorini

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


The Raise of rank is an important thing in the welfare of civil servants especially for teachers. However many phenomenon happened in the promotion, as a counterfeit credit portfolio and fraud. This research empirically answer about how to fraud practice in the promotion of IVb in schools (The rank of IVb on elementary school teacher in the village X of Tanjunganom Subdistrict, district Nganjuk). Based on observation of the elections by teacher finds that commits iniquity rental are in Village x (marked). This study used qualitative methods with Collective Consciousness Theory Phenomenology approach used is phenomenology collective consciousness of Peter L Berger and Structuration by Anthony Giddens. This practice of fraud was made by exploiting their own dominance, through alokatif and autoritatif resources. This rank fraud practice is of course not alone however, there was cooperation between teachers so there was some justification or legitimacy of practice conducted by the teacher. Deviate behavior teacher is divided into two are distorted individually, and collectively deviate.




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