Die Eignung Der Interneseite German.about.com Als Lehr-hӧrmaterialien Deutscher Sprache in Der Klasse XI Sman 3 Kediri

Rahmat Hardiansah
Journal article Laterne • January 2014

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(English, 17 pages)


One internet site commonly used in the German language learning website german.about.com. german.about.com site is a site that contains writing exercises that vary. The exercises are also presented in this site is interesting, which is expected to attract students to deepen German language. The research problem addressed in this study were (1) How the suitability of the material on the site german.about.com the curriculum at SMA Negeri 3 Kediri?. (2) How does the use of the site as a learning material german.about.com write German language in SMA Negeri 3 Kediri?. While the purpose of this study was (1) to describe the suitability of the material on the site german.about.com the curriculum at SMA Negeri 3 Kediri. This research is a descriptive qualitative research which is then analyzed and described. The results of this study are: (1) writing material taken at the site in accordance with the map description german.about.com material contained in SMA Negeri 3 Kediri. It is demonstrated the relevance between the types of exercises with the Competence Standard and Basic Competence in the curriculum contained in SMA Negeri 3 Kediri. (2) Use of the site german.about.com in SMA Negeri 3 Kediri very attractive and effective for students as learning materials written German language, because the training given to the students, presented in an interesting and use language that is very light and simple. So that students are easier to understand and students can directly apply them in real life. From these results, we recommend that teachers use german.about.com site, so as to assist in the learning process of innovative and fun for students   Keywords: german.about.com websites, hearing skills ability





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