Makna Menjadi Suporter Perempuan Persibo Bojonegoro

Deftiar Zaenuddin

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 4 pages)


Women's participation in football is still controversy in the presence of a number of bad experiences suffered by a number of supporters of women through various forms of discrimination and negative views of society. The purpose of this study is, to identify and explain how the meaning of being a supporter of women Persibo Bojonegoro. The theory used is Alferd Sehutz Theory Phenomenology and Theory of Liberal Feminism. This study uses a phenomenological approach. Research subjects taken by using snowbal. Locations in doing research in Bojonegoro. Subjects were supporters of women who know and circumstances that occur in the female fans. Data was collected through observation and interviews. In the present study shows that in a female supporter Persibo Bojonegoro shows that, the actors have goals and motives because motives. Of the data in the field find the meaning given by female fans Persibo edjective Bojonegoro against the true meaning of meaning in accordance with the terminology of female fans Persibo Bojonegoro that is a true symbol of pride to the stricken area, a symbol of resistance to the culture and symbols membanggun partiarki positive image Persibo Bojonegoro supporters.




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