Konflik Perebutan Job Pengamen Lesehan Pasar Pucang Surabaya

Zainal Rohmatulloh

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


The battle over land is not just street performers busking on the streets, but they get a street musician prastise for land that job. The research raises one issue, namely, how social conflicts street musician when singers get a job and a place that is more prestige than on the streets. The objectives to be achieved in this study was to determine the social conflicts street buskers, street buskers social interactions that are in the market Pucang, Surabaya. Horizontal conflict occurs on the street buskers are in the market Pucang. The battle over street singers job market Lesbian Pucang due to individual interests that benefit individuals themselves. Differences lead to conflicts of interest between individuals in a group interrelationship very influential singers in conflict Perubutan job. Pererebutan job raises conflict disparities singers with singers, community and EO (event organizer). Position of authority and subordinate groups that have a particular interest "that the direction and substance mutually contradictory". Buskers behaving subject because there is no power nor access EO and community owned and singers mengingikan interrelationships of land a lucrative job.




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