Media Promosi Pariwisata Kabupaten Kebumen Berbasis Multimedia

Deni Dwi Ken • Ibrahim Ibrahim • Jariyah Jariyah

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 19 pages)


Information is one of the conceptual resources available to management, whereby managers use many of the reports or information display to reflect the condition of institutions or companies as a physical system. Computer is an appropriate data processing tools, with access to fast and accurate access to jobs compared with the human brain. Therefore the use of computerized systems as a tool to support activities in the field of data processing can be accelerated in the manufacture of good report, addressed to the leaders and guardians class. SMAN 2 Bantul currently using Ms Excel as its data processing that is felt not use computers in an optimal performance. But with these data storage methods are becoming inadequate. By using information systems, all these problems will be resolved so that the activities will become more fluent and better. With a background of the above problems, this study raised the issue with the title "A Computerized System for Processing Data of Students at two high schools in Bantul."




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