Makna Pengajian Wisata Rohani Di Masjid Al-falah Tuban

Ahmad Shoim

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


Most people in Tuban prefer to take advantage of her time off is present in an assembly instruction. That is “Wisata Rohani” recitation in Al Falah Mosque held every Sunday morning. By using a phenomenological approach to qualitative research methods, this study attempts to explain about values in the study of religion which must be internalized within the congregation. The findings of the data were then processed using the theory of social action Max Weber. Rationalization of one's actions in following Recitation Religious Tourism is influenced by the beliefs and commitments of the order value - the value of religious, spiritual fulfillment or spiritual needs and quality of facilities or equipment available. While the meaning of one of the study are based on two types of considerations, there are scientific considerations and value judgments.




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