Upaya Peningkatan Hasil Belajar IPS Dengan Menggunakan Model Pembelajaran Kooperatif Tipe Tps (Think Pair Share) Pada Siswa Sekolah

Nurfadilatin Nurfadilatin

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The background of this research is the low student learning outcomes in social studies because of inaccuracies in the learning model used by teachers in the learning process. Teachers are still a source of information, learning, teacher-centered and teacher fixed in textbooks so that students are not active in learning. Classroom action research method used observation, tests and field notes. Subjects were fourth grade students of SDN Simokerto V/138 Surabaya. With the number of students 29 children, 14 male students and 15 female students at SDN Simokerto Research underway V/138 Surabaya. Data gathered through the research instrument, research instrument used include observation, tests and field record sheets. To measure the activities of teachers and students to use observation activities, and for students using an evaluation tool in the form of tests, while to know the obstacles that arise when learning to use field record sheets. Data analysis techniques for observation and tests using quantitative techniques, while for the field record sheet is a qualitative technique.Teacher activity has increased with the percentage of first cycle 74%, in the second cycle with a percentage of 80% and the third cycle with a percentage of 92.5%. Activities of students during the learning process show an increase in the first cycle with a percentage of 71.1%, in the second cycle to the percentage of 85.5% and the third cycle with a percentage of 97%. Classical completeness students in the first cycle by 62%, amounting to 79.3% the second cycle and the third cycle of 86.2%. Problems were encountered during the learning using cooperative learning model TPS type is the lack of teachers' mastery phases of cooperative learning model TPS type and the absence of a contract between students and teachers learning that there are some students who crowded at the time of learning and not conducive to learning. All the obstacles that can arise over well at each cycle. This study concluded that the implementation of cooperative learning model learning model TPS type can increase the activity of the teacher, student activity, student learning outcomes and overcome constraints.




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