Makna Dugem Bagi Siswi di Surabaya

Farid Ichsan

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


  The people of discrete receive new culture, hence its development have a tendency towards modern and leave the original culture result of globalization. Surabaya is the capital city, which has an advanced development in various fields; one of them is education. This becomes a factor for people outside the city of towing to attend school in Surabaya. With so many newcomers, of course had to adjust to the culture that is famous in Surabaya. One of them is culture spent the night in the middle of everyday routine fatigue, i.e. by way of clubbing. This research raises a problem namely about the meaning of dugem for students in the city of Surabaya, the intent and purpose of the research is to find out about the motives behind the actions behind the goal and background on getting after clubing. Researchers using theory of Alferd Schutz's theory of Phenomenology and Anthony Giddens of the lifestyle. The nature of this research is a descriptive qualitative approach to Phenomenology. The research method used was qualitative. For the selection of informants researchers chose the subject by way of a snowball. The technique of data collection by observation and in-depth interviews, while data analysis techniques using the technique of triangulation. The results of this research is the meaning of the Act did include dugem pressure parents, call-to-action, lesbo couples biological sister, broken home, consumerist style. While the goal that you want to get is to get rid of stress, become ladys club, for fun and for money. Keywords:Motive, clubbing, Female Student 




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