Pembuatan Sistem Informasi Akademik SMP N 3 Godean Menggunakan Java dan Mysql

Afri Dwi Wuryanti • Garwo Utami Dewi

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 16 pages)


Currently, the rapidly growth of Information Technology has been affecting many organizations in the way they do their work. Especially on processing data become information. Many organizations then changed their system by using information technology in order to improve effeciency and effectivity. In this final project, an academic information system for junior high school has been developed. The system developed in order to manage academic data. The system is developed using Unified Modelling System (UML) approach and implemented using Java programming language with Netbeans 6.7.1 as editor. From the system development process can be concluded that this system can be used for processing data in SMP N 3 Godean. The use of interface-based system GUI (Graphical User Interface) makes it easy for users to use this system. System design using use case approach can be easily understood and interpreted as a class or object that can be used repeatedly in order to save time for the system development process. Using MySQL as a open source database management system can minimalize this system developing cost. Beside that, MySQL has reliable feature and it has an easy way in data managemen process.




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