Gaya Hidup Komunitas Motor Jupiter di Surabaya

Rakhmad Firmansyah

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


    Efficiency and mobility becomes a major consideration someone choosing a motorcycle. Motorcycle become the image of its owner, became a hobby for the owner and this is where the people in this case the owner or user of the motorcycle began to look for a container or a place to channel his hobby which then form groups of motorcycle enthusiasts or the more familiar we are familiar with the community motorcycle or motor club. Being bikers (motorcycles rider) not just be a motorcycle rider but has made ​​a lifestyle that carries her name in the motorcycle club. Researchers took jupiter motorcycle community in Surabaya (IJS) which is used to gather every night of the week Jl. Basuki Rahmat, researchers used the theory of Pierre Bourdieu's Habitus, as well as qualitative methods with genetic structural approach of Bourdieu to describe, analyze, and take into account a person's origins and the origins of the social structure within the motorcycle community jupiter in Surabaya (IJS). There are two kinds of lifestyles type, active lifestyle/militant lifestyle consisting of touring, motorcycle modification, social networking as well as alcohol and marijuana. As for the inactive lifestyle  non-militant is lifestyle bandwagon . Keywords: LifeStyle, Habitus, Motorcycle Community




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