Analisis Dan Perancangan Aplikasi Sistem Informasi Info Movie Terbaru Dengan J2me Midp 2.0

Suyanto Suyanto

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


Information system has an important role for the development of technology Because in every useful information for the public interest to make it easier to operate and manage a job. Therefore many people who develop information systems to facilitate sharing information easily and efficiently. System information such as information systems with the latest movie info j2me that can be accessed by using which can be from mobile phones can easily access anywhere when the connection to the Internet so that people do not have to bother to look for movie information. Info movie with this cell phone uses two micro edition java program or regular brief with that is in use for movie info using the media to inform the RSS 2.0 as a place of information that is part of the server by using website. RSS parser is then in order in reading with a mobile phone. In reading this information is used as a j2me program for the mobile user. So the movie info in Yogyakarta information can be easily accessed and added with movie info schedule information is updated every time.




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