Pengaruh Berbagaidosis Pupuk Kcldan Ketinggian Tempat Penyimpanan Terhadap Kualitas Benih Bawangmerah (Allium Ascalonicuml.) Varietas Lembah Palu

Bahrudin, Yohanis Tambing, Multifah Kasim
Journal article Agrotekbis • 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


This research aim to study the effect of dose KCl of during crop still grow in field to quality of shallot seed after kept at various place height. This research conducted in three different place height that is Guntarano, Simoro And Petimbe while analysis conducted Laboratory of Science and Seed Technology Faculty of Agriculture UNTAD started from May until July 2014. This research used the Random Block Design (RAK) two factors. First factor is place height that is 100 above sea level, 300 above sea level, and 500 above sea level. Second factor Potassium that is 100 kg KCl/ha, 150 kg KCl/ha, 200 kg KCl/ha and 250 kg KCl/ha when growing in field. Treatment combination obtained by 12 treatment, every combination repeated three times so that there are 36 unit experiments. Result indicated that there were interaction between all treatments. Quality of Shallot lembah Palu variety obtained at all of treatment of dose of fertilization KCl kept at height 500 above sea level.





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