Motif Kekerasan dalam Relasi Pacaran di Kalangan Remaja Muslim

Silfiatur Rohmah

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


Dating phenomenon already familiar , even becoming the trend of young people ( teenagers ) at this time . The issue of courtship are extremely diverse , one of which is violence against their partners . Violence in dating relationships are all forms of action that have an element of coercion , harassment , pressure , and destruction that occurred in opposite sex relationships . Each course of action is motivated as a boost /motive . Similarly, the violence in dating relationships . This study aims to determine the motive and other forms of violence in dating relationships among teens Muslims. The author uses the theory of phenomenology of Alfred Schutz. This study uses a qualitative descriptive phenomenological approach , which takes the subject as many as six people with a purposive sampling technique . The results of this study indicate that the issue is no longer dating the love and affection but rather the instinct to master. The tendency of people to think of dating as a form of ownership is no longer a process of assessment to know each other before moving into a more serious process that is marriage. The perception makes someone do violence to defend what is regarded as his own. Courtship motive force in the form of jealousy, lack of attention, do not obey / disobey, and because of economic necessity. The forms of violence experienced in dating violence is divided into two: physical and non-physical violence   Keywords: motive, violence in dating relationships.




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