Pengaruh Annealing Dan Skin Pas Rolling Terhadap Sifat Mekanik Produk Electrolytic Cleaning Line (Ecl), Batch Temperate Roll (Btr), Dan Cold Rool Finished (Crf) Pada Proses Pembuatan Lembaran Baja Al Killed Standar

Budi Sukarno
Journal article Widya Eksakta • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Principal stages of cold canai product is reducing the thickness of steel sheet, and then performed the annealing system in the process in a series through 3 product lines as follow: line product after ECL, process line after BTR (annealing), and product line after CRF (skin pas rolling). The objective of this research is to define the influence of the annealing skin pas rolling toward the mecanical properties product line ECL, BTR, and CRF on the process of al killed steel sheet. The selected material is Al killed steel sheet G3141-SPCQ with using the methodology such as chemical composition and mechanical testing. Mechanical testing includes test of depth erichsen, hardness and strength. The result of strength test is yield strength, tensile strength, elongation, strain hardening coefficient and ultimate strain value. The result of the research showed the effect of annealing process to mechanical properties removes brittleness in ECL, increase the depth press erichsen and elongation as well as to reduce the hardness. While the effect of skin pass rolling process are increase the value of hardness, tensile strength, and strain hardening coefficient and decrease the depth press erichsen, yield strength, elongation and ultimate strain.




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