Teknologi Off-season Tanaman Lengkeng Pada Rumah Tanaman Sebagai Upaya Memenuhi Kebutuhan Pasar

Iyus Hendrawan
Journal article Widya Eksakta • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


The fulfillment of the national fruit needs can be done in two ways, namely (1) by importing and (2) efforts to increase production. In order to maintain the balance of fruit demand and supply, especially the request for longan fruits (Dimocarpus Longan Lour) which the trend increases, then the litchi fruit cultivation without depending on the season (off season technology) is one of the solutions. The objective of this research is to study the application of the season technology of the longan fruits. This study and the assessment were conducted on an ongoing basis start from the litchi cultivation conditions, technology off season and humidity settings. The conclusions are that the technological off season of the longan fruits: (1) will provide added value for fruit producers and a relatively fixed price certainty for consumers, (2) the litchi plants as part of efforts to safeguard the continuity of litchi fruit availability regardless of the season, (3) for litchi crop produced on greenhouse plant includes the location, orientation, support facilities, material, size, shape, cover houseplants, pot plants and basic level, temperature control, ventilation and pump systems and drainage ditch.




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