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Safitri M.
Journal article None • 2018


There are problems of students who are directly or indirectly associated with the learning process of students that are detected early in the first year of study, can influence of their potential in studying in the collage. The purpose of this research is to integrate the model group counseling with hypnotherapy to overcome the problems and increase the potential of students, throuh the result of aspect in development stage. The research method is quasi experiment. Quantitative methods for analysis and test different descriptions, experimental method in providing guidance groups through psycho drama and hypnotherapy. Samples are 120 students Esa Unggul University (UEU) 2014th, with proportional random sampling technique to see the task of development of students using ATP, a standard measurement from UPI Bandung. The research results that the aspect of development stage that are below the average of the lowest in UEU students are a cornerstone of ethical behavior, emotional maturity and intellectual maturity. Counseling with Psychodrama, Focuss Group Discussion and Hypnotherapy showed there is a significant change (sig 0,00) in the feeling of openness and receiving input, the level of problems, willingness and ability to solve problem before and after activity. The empty chair and hand cataliptic techniques most widely used in hypnotherapy. Also there is a significant level (sig 0,0) in every aspect of the task and the average aspect of development aspect after cuonseling process for students who are obeying all the stages of counseling.





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