Jemuran Pakaian Otomatis dengan Menggunakan Sensor Cahaya (Ldr) dan Sensor Hujan

Ma’Ful Wahyu Nurhadi • Paulinus Yunawan Widiantoro

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 20 pages)


Automatic control systems in science and technology is growing rapidly lately. With the advancement in science and technology to produce new innovations that developed into the better. It can be seen range applications ranging from household to equipment that sophisticated. Drying clothes is one of the activities that are often carried out in domestic life, and we usually see hanging clothes often we live to travel, so we do not have time anymore to lift the clothesline at the time of going to rain or it was night. To solve this problem is the automatic control system, by making an automatic washing system. From the description above, the authors combine to realize the automatic clothesline effective and efficient in preparing the final opportunity for "Clothes Horse Using Automatic Light Sensor (LDR) and Rain Sensor."




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