Sistem Informasi Kuliner Berbasis Sistem Informasi Geografis Daerah Purwokerto

Agus Tri Kurniawan Rahman • Awal Syara Patagia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 16 pages)


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a system that is used to enter, store, recall, process, analyze and produce data that have a geographical reference or commonly known as geospatial data, which serves as decision support. Utilization of GIS can be applied in many fields as to culinary toustism. This sector became one of the leading sectors of economic activity-oriented expansion of employment and employment opportunities so as to promote the progress of regional development. In order to optimize these attractions, the media needed a more informative so that it can provide convenience to the public, tourists, traders, businessmen, researchers, and investors. By using a Geographic Information System (GIS), it is hoped will give ease to know that there are attractions, accessibility to the location of supporting infrastructure. Create an information system that could be used as a substitute for manual data input jobs, thus simplifying the management to do maintenance on the tourism data. MapInfo is one software that is widely used in the manufacture of GIS. MapInfo has the capability to process data as well as spatial and attribute data can be combined with other applications such as Visual Basic (VB). Merger between MapInfo and VB will generate a GIS-based information system that can be used to input, update, and delete data geographically referenced. Culinary Information System Based Geographic Information System At Purwokerto Area has the capability to perform input, edit and delete data.




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