Penguasaan Lapak oleh Pedagang di Puspa Agro Sidoarjo

Rhias Arthyati

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 4 pages)


  Puspa Agro was built by the Government for the welfare of farmers who provide opportunities to farmers by providing sellers, producing and selling his crop in langusng to consumers without intermediaries. The reality of the situation shows that it is still just Agro Puspa dominated by traders who are not farmers. This research aims to know the Palm of your mastery of the patterns made by the merchants of Puspa Agro. This research uses Qualitative research with approach of Phenomenology Edmund Husserl. Rational choice theory is used to analyze problems Colleman studied. The subjects of this study were traders who inhabit the lapak Puspa Agro research as the main actor. Selection of informants is done by means of purpossive. The results showed that the patterns that occur in the form of the Palm of your mastery of the ownership of economic capital, cultural capital and social capital as a means to ease access for traders to get the stall allocated to farmers. The selection pattern mastery of the stall is a form of rational choice each merchant as the lead actor in the mastery of the stall Keywords: Merchants, Mastery, Social Capital.




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