The Effect of Rebranding on Brand Equity ( Case Study Modem Esia Max_d)

Ady Supriyadi
Journal article Jurnal Ilmiah Universitas Bakrie • July 2013 Indonesia

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This study aimed to analyze the effect on brand equity rebranding case studymodem Esia Max-D. Rebranding will greatly influence the product on anexisting image in the consumer's mind. Image of the product or brand value thatis formed after the rebranding can generate both positive and negativeperceptions. Rebranding process conducted by PT. Bakrie Telecom includeschanges to the new brand name and a new logo. The research was done byspreading an online questionnaire to 101 respondents which are customersmodem Esia Max-D domiciled in Jakarta (Area Code 021). The questionnairethen processed using a Likert scale and analyzed using linear regressionanalysis and also General Linear Modem (GLM) Univariate. The result showedthat the rebranding influence the brand equity of 33.9% and there are othervariables that are not covered by this study was 66.1%




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