Kerajinan Topeng Singobarong Sarju Desa Carat Kecamatan Kauman Kabupaten Ponorogo

Asep Dwi Pamungkas
Journal article Jurnal Seni Rupa • 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


A mask stil being a tradition or expression estetik of society.Ponorogo famous for local culture that is art reog. One of them mask singobarong Sarju works made in the village of the District Carat Kauman Ponorogo. The shape of the mask singobarong the form of a tiger's head and decorated with peacock feathers are very wide. In manufacturing, the need of quality materials and construction techniques have a high aesthetic value. The purpose of this research is how the journey of life associated with the craft mask Sarju singobarong and how the aesthetic value contained in the mask craft singobarong Sarju. This research uses descriptive qualitative research. Using the techniques of data collection: observation, interviews and documentation in order to obtain the necessary data. Data analysis was performed with data reduction, data presentation and draw conclusions. While the validation or validity of the data using triangulation techniques and informants review. The results obtained in this study is the story traveling Sarju in developing this singobarong mask craft business. The relationship between Barongan and dhadhak Merak has demonstrated alignment and matching if combined because they both have the hallmark of fur and thick hair. Unity, complexity, and seriousness Barongan can be seen from every part occurred harmony resulting in a product that is perfect and flawless. So it is with Merak dhadhak that every part has described harmony between parts so as to produce a neat form, especially in the arrangement of peacock feathers.




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