Pembuatan Game Personal Computer “Wizan Fighter” Menggunakan Pemograman Java dengan Library Gtge

Winarti Winarti • Yanu Arsapto Yuwono

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 20 pages)


Authors make this PC game because the game in Indonesia 2D is rare, one reason to buy the game so that not a few people who use pirated games. The author aims to reduce the proficiency level in these things because the game "Wizan Fighter" is free. This is thesis of author discusses for Making Games PC "Wizan Fighter" using Java Programming Language with Library GTGE. The authors also use the Golden T Game Engine (GTGE) a cross-platform game programming library using java language. The author also uses Adobe Photoshop for creating images that are processed into sprites is a set of several images in one file. The image files are called in sequence when going into images as if moving. Wizan Fighter game may be used for players skill and intelligence moreover this is one game that can be used for refreshing facilities. This game can be obtained free.




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