Implementasi Model Pembelajaran 7e Dalam IPA Terpadu Tema Energi Biomassa Terhadap Keterampilan Proses Sains Dan Hasil Belajar Siswa Kelas VIII SMP

Nurhaningtyas Agustin
Journal article Pensa: Jurnal Pendidikan Sains • 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


This research intent to describe performed learning,  skill step-up processes science, students learned result, and student response by use of learning model 7E  in intregated  sciences theme Biomassa's energy  class VIII SMP.  This research constitute True Experiment Design. This observational population is all class VIII SMPN 2 Krian Sidoarjo school years 2013 / 2014 ones consisting of 8 classes. Sample that is utilized in this research is class VIII-E as class of experiment and class VIII-F as class of control. Data on observational it is data as yielding as pre-test and  post-test skill processes science and studying result, skill observation data processes science and student response questionnaire. Sample gets normal distribution and homogeneous. Result arithmeticing to point out science process skill chastened student with learning model 7E  tall increasing h appening signifikan's one as big as 0,73 but was reached klasikal's ala thoroughness.  Meanwhile studying result happens step-up 0,74 and were reached by presentase thoroughness 97 %. Hypthosts Testings to usufruct student studying by tests t one parties and two party be gotten thitung> t tabel. It points out that learning model 7E   in integrated sciences theme Biomassa's energy  can increase prose's skill science and student studying result. Learning model 7E  getting positive response of student. Keyword:  Learning 7E, Integrated  Sciences, skill processes science, learned result, Biomassa's energy. 




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