Gaya Hidup Konsumtif Mahasiswi Pengguna Perawatan Wajah di Klinik Kecantikan Kota Surabaya (Kajian Simulakra, Simulasi dan Hiperealitas J.P Baudrillard)

Nurul Hidayah

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Looking beautiful is always desired by every woman. Lifestyle phenomenon of a woman who wanted a new identity in a way that happens is always beautify themselves led to mushrooming of beauty clinics so that women are willing to spend  much money. Therefore, the research will be conducted on Consumptive Lifestyle female Student in Surabaya. This research uses qualitative research methods with approach by Baudrillard. Research subjects is female students in Surabaya. The results of this research are beauty clinics offer every advantage is simulation process to make people interested and consumers feel satisfied. Consumptive life style who female student doing to choose treatment in beauty clinics because the advantage every clinics. Hyperreality that happen is because of treatment in the clinic also faster whitening facial or instantly. However, the impact of consumptive behavior that occurs is because treatment at beauty clinic could cause dependence so that consumptive behavior can not be avoided. The need for women to look beautiful has now become a very important primary needs and representing symbol value. Keywords : lifestyle, beauty clinics, female students, consumptive behavior




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