Pengembangan Perangkat Pembelajaran IPA Terpadu Berorientasi Pendekatan Savi (Somatic, Auditory, Visual, Intellectual) Pada Tema Demam Berdarah Untuk SMP Kelas VIII

Zumrotul Firdaus
Journal article Pensa: Jurnal Pendidikan Sains • 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Research on the development of integrated science lesson with SAVI approach oriented (Somatic, Auditirory, Visual, Intellectual) on the theme of Dengue aimed to develop a viable learning devices, implemented, improve learning outcomes, facilitating student activity and get good response. This Research uses instructional design development of devices 4-D proposed by Thiagarajan (1974). This research begins with the front-end analysis, learner analysis, task analysis, concept analysis, and specifying instructional objectives. The next is preparation of syillabi, lesson plans, student book, worksheet, and evaluation sheet that further study conducted trials of these devices. Sources of data in this research are lecturers and theachers as reviewers and validator, and 32 students of class VIII-B SMP Negeri 1 Jabon Sidoarjo. The research instrument used in this research is form of sheet study, validation sheet, learning observation sheet, learning outcomes assessment sheets, assessment of student activity sheet, and questionnaire sheet. Data analysis was performed by descriptive qualitative study results while for the results of the validation, learning management, student learning outcomes, student activities and student responses performed by descriptive quantitative. The results showed that the developed device has been fit for use in the learning process with a percentage of 86% syllabi, 88% of lesson plans, 87% of the student book, 87% of LKS, and 87% of evaluation sheet. Data results of trials of learning management get a percentage of 92% with very good assessment criteria. The result of analysis shows the number of students who did the activity is 87% with very good evaluation criteria. The results of student learning outcomes show the average value 85 for cognitive product indicator achievement, average score of cognitive process 3,73, affective 3,46 and psychomotor 3,59. The result of mastery learning 100% declared complete with improvement of learning outcomes score n-gain 0.66. The results of questionnaire analysis showed that students responded very well with an average percentage of  96%. Keywords: Feasibility Study Device, Integrated Science, SAVI approach.  




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