Makna Penggunaan Jejaring Sosial Path Bagi Mahasiswa Unesa

Merinda N.

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Path is one of so many fabulous social media which is devoted by so many university students. This social media gives numerous features which made path become different by other social media. This study aimed to know the meanings the use of social media Path in various way. The theory used in this research is phenomenology theory which classified by Alfred Schutz “because of motive” and “in order to motive” as an action that has been done have difference in meaning and goal. The researcher use qualitative method with phenomenology approach. Data collection method is using observation, in depth interview and documentation. The research is take place in Unesa and the subject of the research is Unesa college students which is an active user of social media Path. This research is using Qualitative method with phenomenology approach. The subject of this research were the active user of social media Path in Unesa and the sample taken by using snowball sampling. The data collection method by using primary and secondary technique. Primary data collection technique by using 2 ways, online observation and in depth interview. Secondary data is taken by documentation. Based on the result of the study found there was 5 meaning in using social media Path. First, meaning of the existence of self from various activity uploaded into social media Path. Second, meaning of self-actualization oriented to the goal aimed. Third, the meaning of giving information around another user. Fourth,   the meaning of the entertainment obtained by uploading various funny pictures, motivation word. Fifth, the meaning of communication and establish a relationship through various comments around social media Path user. Keyword : Path, University Student, Meaning




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