Dangdut dan Konflik Sosial

Rizky Nur Abdillah

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


The existence of dangdut music performances in the Lamongan is considered familiar to the citizens themselves Lamongan. Almost every event alerts, ranging from large national memorial day, a celebration of the people, until the release event always brings high school students show a nuanced dangdut music performance. Conditions such as these bring positive and negative impacts for the citizens of Lamongan. The positive impact of the presence of dangdut music performances, local communities, especially dangdut music lovers take comfort regardless of fatigue due to daily work. However, the negative impact arising from dangdut music performance is not half-hearted. The impact society has brought dangdut music lovers into the realm of perpetual conflict to difficult tercetuskan a solution. From the footing that there is an interest of researchers to examine the phenomenon with a focus problem now is finding the cause and motive motive purpose of inter-group conflict dangdut music lovers in Lamongan and how the forms of inter-group conflict dangdut music lovers in Lamongan. The theory used in this study is the phenomenology of Alfred Schutz which aims to collect information about how patterns of cause and motive purposes and other forms of conflict between groups that dangdut music lovers. The method used is a qualitative method of phenomenology. The location of this study conducted in Lamongan Wangunrejo more precisely in the Village District of Turi and the District Turi Turi village. The subjects were members of each group from both groups as well as groups Kreaturs Karak. Informants in this study were selected using snowball techniques. Namely, ask anyone who is a subject of his closest friends, and then to the theme of the closest friends in asking again who his closest friends. Data was collected in two ways: primary and secondary. The primary data obtained from interviews and observations, secondary data obtained from similar previous studies and books. The technique of data analysis done descriptively. Based on the findings of the data and the data analyst has been done in this study it can be concluded that the background of the conflict between the two groups were divided into two concepts namely Because motif (motif causes) and in order to motive (motive purposes). As for the cause of them: 1. Existence of attitude is not received for the beating of the group members. 2. Existence of a personal vendetta that led to revenge group, 3. Consequence of mutual asking for trouble. There are also aspects such goals: 1. Realization of group solidarity (revenge), 2. Brought a recognition of "the strongest group". The forms of community conflict be open and closed. Conflict enclosed form of action, cursing and taunting each other while the open conflict in the form of the beatings, stone throwing (brawl). Keywords: Conflict, Revenge, Group.




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