Peningkatan Hasil Belajar melalui Metode Role Playing dalam Pembelajaran IPS Sekolah Dasar

Hanifah Nur Pratiwi

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Based on observations indicated that the lack of teachers learning to use the media, methods and innovative learning model. Teachers are also more dominant learning activities, in addition to lack of teacher dominance variatifan presentation of the material is the main cause. As a result of student learning outcomes to be less than the maximum. To overcome this problem, the learning is done by applying the method of role playing in the hope students can achieve good learning outcomes. This study used classroom action research. Carried through three cycles and each cycle consisting of planning, implementation, observation and reflection. Subjects in this study were fourth grade students of Elementary School, amounting to 29 students. The instruments are made in this study consisted of the observation sheet activity sheet consisting of teachers and students' activities, tests, and questionnaires. The four instruments of analysis techniques to data compiled in the form of quantitative data. In this case the researchers used a descriptive statistical analysis by finding the percentage of success and the value of the average. The results showed that the activity of a teacher for learning has increased during the three cycles, the first cycle to obtain the percentage of 76.2%. In the second cycle to obtain the percentage of 87% and increased the percentage of third cycle with the acquisition of 92.5%. While the student activities in the cycle I earn a percentage of 65%. While in the second cycle activity students gain percentage increase and obtained 81.4% in the third cycle with the acquisition of 91%. Acquisition average value of student learning outcomes in the first cycle and gained 73 percentage of 69% mastery learning students. Subsequent to the improvements made in the second cycle, the learning outcomes of students scored an average of 80.3 with the percentage of students passing grade is 75.9%. And after repairs held back in the third cycle there is an increase of student learning outcomes with an average value of 84.7 to 93.1% percentage mastery learning students. Psychomotor assessment scores of students in the first cycle to obtain the percentage of 78%. In the second cycle to obtain the percentage of 89% and increased in the third cycle with the acquisition of 99% percentage. While repon students in learning social studies using role playing gained 85.6%.




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