Pembuatan Video Klip Animasi 2d Band Vignecvara sebagai Media Promosi Band Indie YOGYAKARTA (Studi Kasus: Band Vignecvara)

Tri Widya Asrie

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 18 pages)


Nowadays, the development world, especially in the field of computer informatics has rapidly evolved over the period of human growth. Multimedia applications are one example of the development of the information world. With the increasing popularity of animation on the internet, the more information that can be disseminated to all lovers of technology. And also one of civilization and human thought in order to achieve a prosperous life, then something called technologies emerge and grow faster than expected. Computer technology which has the initial function as a tool in resolving issues and problems in all fields and then enter the function as an entertainer, one of them is animated. Is the use of computer animation to create motion on the screen. Of the many techniques one of which is animated animation frames (frame animation). Display technique is a fast image sequence, the image of one (frame one) with another picture (other frame) are different. Vignecvara experiencing difficulties in the campaign because it only uses as a promotional brochure. Weakness in the brochure is in the form of paper and be read and are often thrown away and pollute the environment. Hence peoples feel bored and that campaign seemed in vain, then the problem is solved by making music video as a medium of promotion because men more quickly in digesting a drawing than reading. Therefore the author intends to create 2D animation music video using the frame animation technique called "The Daily Post sophistication" which will be shown at the indie music events that are often held.




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