Business Opportunity Baby Daycare in the Office Area

Poppy Agistha
Journal article Jurnal Ilmiah Universitas Bakrie • January 2014 Indonesia

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The research is about the business plan opportunity of " Baby Daycare business opportunity in the office area specially around the are Jalan Sudirman-Thanmrin, Jakarta". The objective of the research is to find how much profit we can make of the baby daycare services. However, this business also intend to help parents find solution in giving the best early education for the children. The descriptive analytic method is used for certain reason in which it has an ability to make conclusion and interpretation by available data, so it would give a clear picture of the business. The instruments used for making a business profitability analysis are SWOT and financial projection analysis based on logical assumption generally applied in a real condition. The parameter to determine business prospect or business profits are based on the return investment time schedule and the revenue projection expected. At the end of the day, this research we describe that return of investment will be come about since the third month, and so since the fourth month this business will gain a fixed revenue of 43,55% every month.




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