Komersialisasi Seks Simbolik

Mastaufan Kamal H.

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


This research was conducted in Surabaya Wonokromo area in order to determine the practice of juvenile prostitutes commercialization Wonokromo station. The focus of this research is the practice of prostitution by juveniles. Due to the rise of deviant behavior committed by this muda.Penelitian generation using theoretical propositions regarding the symbolic interactionist perspective Herbert Mead, as a basis for analyzing the symbols that exist in the commercial sex workers. The method used was a qualitative research models with a case study approach. This study used interviews and observation techniques in penggalia data in the field. From the results can be described behold the form of commercialization of teenage prostitutes in Surabaya Wonokromo station a different phenomenon. It can be seen from the marketing strategy of the prostitutes. Although it can be said to be still left with another prostitution, namely Dolly as the largest prostitution in Southeast Asia in the city of Surabaya, but it is worth special attention. Keywords: Symbol, commercial, sex   *) Terima kasih  kepada Ardhie Raditya selaku mitra bestari yang telah mereview dan memberi masukan berharga terhadap naskah ini.




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